My House Stinks…

…like a kennel and all the panting has considerably increased the indoor humidity!  I picked up the newest member of the Heroes ‘N Pirates pack today… drum roll please… meet Rollo:IMG_5863Unneutered (presently), un-housebroken, 97 lbs., male Rottweiler.  Seized in an abuse/neglect case, then caged for a month, his neck has healed and his ear infection has been treated. His conformation is, meh, not great in back but hopefully, it’ll do. He is easily the most stressed, wound-up dog I’ve ever taken in. Easily. Should make for an interesting night and next few days.

Being loved as a cherished family member, he will think he’s gone to heaven.

More to follow…

From Lazy Bastard’s album “Together ‘Till the End,” an already posted, but a heartfelt celebratory song for our new brother:





10 thoughts on “My House Stinks…

  1. I love his face, and his teeth look so nice and white. I’m a sucker for Rotties, though. Looking forward to reading posts about how he acclimates.

    1. I can’t believe it took 5 months but he’s been so worth it! He is as close to perfection as I could find. I loved the challenge and that he’s responded so well to kindness and leadership!

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