Status Report: Search for Secretary of Defense

Friday night I spoke with a woman about a Rottie that needed to be rehomed. I’d gotten the contact through a rescue friend. But when I saw the photos my mind made the record needle on vinyl sound. This is what my friend calls a “pet-bred wreck.”pet-bred wreckThis guy’s confirmation wasn’t bad and Sunday I reached the shelter. Someone actually answered the phone! But I was told in no uncertain terms that he would “have your dog for lunch.” She was adamant and that ended that.SB - CopyThe next candidate: six years old, easy going, 180 lbs. (?!), natural tail, supposedly pure German lines.  Her caretaker had an extensive background in the breed.  She knew the breeder of this particular female to produce “good” stock and had held the dog for a year, amongst her own pack of Rotties. The owner never came back to claim her and instead texted her to find the girl a home.  When I looked at the emailed photos, I decided to opt out.  I was skeptical such a huge dog could be athletic.  Look at the toe nails on that hare foot!Nala 2This is supposedly the same dog, but if so, the photo must have been taken when she was younger and thinner. In this photo she has the pushed in Rottweiler face I’m told is currently the rage in Germany.  I HATE that look.  It’s miserable for pugs, English bulldogs and boxers, why would anyone in their right mind begin distorting quality Rottweilers?  She also has very low stifles which weakens the hind end and looks poor. I wasn’t convinced the two dogs were the same but had reservations about both.Nala jpgI’d been waiting for a mid-west shelter to open on Monday so I could ask questions about a Great Pyrenees/Rottweiler male. The shelter people were extremely sweet, courteous and helpful.  Apparently the northeast is the only place with “overworked,” “tapped out” and “utterly stressed” shelter workers, people so ignorant and rude they think they can place a dog to a discerning owner without speaking to them on the phone or revealing any information.

I’d begun planning the two day drive, checked Googlemaps, places to camp and Motel 6s along the way… only to be politely told that this dog would not tolerate other animals of any kind.  (Is it me or does his body look Kangal-ish?)2So the search for a Secretary of Defense for Heroes ‘N Pirates mobile field command continued…

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