Still Summah

I’m pretty much all set with daily heat and sun.  I can take heat and humidity easier than the relentless, burning “sky hammer.” On some of the worst days I wear the (Game of Thrones) Stark ring as reminder of the House Stark motto “Winter is coming.” Amen, and thank you to that.IMG_2620Meantime, it’s best to enjoy what’s left of summer even for a Stark polar bear like myself.  Indeed, late summer is one of the finest times of year – still warm but often with a hint of cool that’s to come.  I love how the vegetation changes, the goldenrod, love the crickets.  It’s like one final hurrah for summer.  Oh, and you can still swim and play in the water!00X0X_7U7iBz34K87_600x450LOVE his pearlies!  🙂

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