Shoulda Known

I upgraded to “premium” plan on WordPress mainly because I was filling up allotted free space but there were to be other benefits too, right?  Live Chat?  Joke. And customizing options are… well imagine how the concept “customize” might be offered in Stalinist USSR… and that’s being kind.  The free customizing options on Blogspot were FAR superior.  Yes, WordPress sucks but it does provide more traffic that Blogspot.  Each of these sites has flagrant short comings, it’s counter-intuitive they wouldn’t be immediately addressed.  It’s not just blogging though. So many websites are user unfriendly, loaded with glitches.  Such widespread incompetence makes me wonder how far the Chinese are ahead of us!

Okay, let me regain peace… Ohmmmmm… Ohmmmmm… Ohmmmmy god I’m going to smash something!  🙂

Angry Office Worker With Hammer Smashing Computer Violently

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