Ripping the Sky

I’ve been hibernating through the heat and humidity as I study for my professional exam.  It’s been a surreal and rather blah summer… for both Mak and me. So last night after our swim and more studying, I decided to run the truck north into a lot of electrical activity.  I’m very glad we went.  We experienced drenching rains and stopped in several places to take photos which always included the passing windshield wiper.IMG_4763Keep in mind all these photos were taken in the pitch dark.  All the visible light was from electric bolts.IMG_4766Between downpours the best place was a quiet field with only a few drops falling, crickets all around and the sky providing continual entertainment.IMG_4778 (2)Same view seconds later: IMG_4783 (2)In the same field pointing the camera in a different direction, I took video then extracted these frames:vlcsnap-2016-08-14-08h16m20s734


vlcsnap-2016-08-14-08h28m12s689Below is the view from another place I parked to capture the multi-colored splendor. I wonder if Mak could smell the ozone? These are taken with a crappy, old, Walmart, over-the-counter Canon SX160, and I dumped far more photos than I kept!IMG_4851 (2)

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