When the Shit Hits the Floor

control_dog_diarrheaThis past week Mak “gifted” me two large puddles of diarrhea.  Upon opening the door, I immediately noticed something did not smell kosher. He was also less celebratory that dad was home. I wish I’d photographed his handiwork because it was more gruesome than any of the online images I found, aside perhaps from the above… though that appears to be linoleum rather than carpet.

In retrospect I believe he might have shat after I pulled in the driveway and before I came in.  I’d fed him a variety of scraps the previous night, and he just couldn’t hold it!  🙂  In fact, he might have deposited the second batch by the front door while the deposit in the study was taking my breath away.  I suspect I would either have smeared the front door deposit with the door, stepped in it when I came in, or at least noticed it had it already been there.  The baffling part is that the front door deposit also had a couple of solid log sections and a spattering of corn kernels.  Yup, it’s corn season.  And one would imagine the firm stuff came out first.

It took me a couple hours to clean. I don’t have a rug shampooer and used a wet/dry tank vac instead.  Much of the two hour time was devoted to repeated emptying and hosing out the tank vac between rinse applications.  I deodorized using Nature’s Miracle.

I found this helpful video and followed its protocol.  Thanks so much to whoever posted this helpful vid!




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