Desert Springpoling

Last post I was bitchin’ about the heat and boy did we have a hot one!  But at least this isn’t desert.  Creatures that live in such an inhospitable environment have to adapt to conditions for survival, like my friend’s pitties have:thumbnail_20160514_235908a - Copy

4 thoughts on “Desert Springpoling

    1. It’s such a huge topic and there’s already so much information available. I’m glad to revisit the topci but will refrain from detailing basics, history or how to. Like I said there’s already volumes of material just a few keystrokes away! After my next springpole post though, I’ll be glad to answer questions about specifics! 🙂

  1. Please forgive that my dogs are fat cows right now. Being so busy while getting settled on the new farm caused me to not do as much with Guppy and Damien as I should, and so, to ease my guilt, I give them goodies all the time. Frozen raw bones are their fav. So, we are all a bit plump. Not kind to them, in this heat…so I’m trying hard to be a “mean mom” and get their weight down.
    I’ll leave it to Pirate to post about the springpole. I’ll suffice to say that my dogs are insanely in love with it.

    1. Well, compared to the “American standard of canine body composition” I’m seeing on the streets these days, to use old-fashioned dog man parlance, yours seem to be drawn altogether too fine! 😉

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