What A Rottie Should Look Like:

Seems every time I see a really fab dog… it’s overseas.  (My friend’s pitties aside.)  WTF happened, America?  Candy-assed, insipid, “family pet” dog orientation is what happened.  Put your boots back on for Chrissake!

In truth, this is very close to what my first wife’s Rottie looked like – before she ruined him for dog shows. Who’d want a fat-assed show dog?  Here is the link for this gorgeous boy.header_males-3 (2)

12 thoughts on “What A Rottie Should Look Like:

  1. My boy Jabari was German bred and brought back to the states by his previous owner who was in the military. Jabber had the giant blocky head and body. He was pretty scary looking just sitting there. He’s the only male I’ve had. My females were all pretty American. Not as stout but had pretty feminine heads.. Sasha, is tall, thin and kind of long. She’s my seventh Rott. I guess it’s fair to say I’m fairly breed specific. All of my rotts came from either Recycled Rotts or animal control. Jabari was surrendered because his owner was one of the first of the troops to go over seas after 9-11.

      1. Thanks! I believe in seeing a dog in person. The better she/he looks, the farther I’d drive. The dog I’m seeking probably wouldn’t be publically adoptable and therefore not on a rescue site. For a dog like the one in the post photo, and with the right temperament, I’d drive across the country… but only after really picking the brain of her/his keeper and seeing clear videos etc..

      2. Well.. They’ve got some young and stout kids and a cane cors0.. You’re probably going to need to be in contact with a breeder for your specifications.

      3. Twenty even fifteen years ago I could have found such a dog easily within a month. Likely someone would have eagerly and with deep appreciation pressed their dog’s leash into my hands. Now a soundly built, hundred-ish pound, protective female (or male) with a heavy coat and is virtually impossible to find in rescue in my region of the States, even without naming breed or color preference. So I believe you’re right.

        One friend has strongly urged me towards breeders from the beginning and another, citing the dysfunctional behavior of so many rescues, has said, “These days, I’d rather support a breeder than a “rescue.”

      4. You’ll be hard pressed to find a rott with a heavy coat. Jabari has a thicker coat by a rott standard and he came from Germany. That’s not really something that’s even standard with the breed. Oh and Jabber happily weighed in at 140#

      5. The lab-like coat isn’t ideal but combined with a large enough body mass it’ll have to be good enough. I’ve posted a bunch of times about Rotties in the cold. I’m not set on any one breed. Remember the Rokita post? A hundred pound malamute would do the trick too if it was a protective one, some are, but not the incredibly rare ones I’ve found in rescue.

      6. Oh and Recycled Rotts is actually really legit as far as he rescue goes. They know the breed and care about the dogs. They’re not weird like some of the rescues I’ve heard about. I took 3 dogs from them.

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