2 thoughts on “Making Dinner

    1. It’s a Coleman dual fuel stove available at Walmart. I received it as a gift (a great one at that!). Previously I had a Coleman Peak 1. You can see my current stove here: https://heroesnpirates.com/2016/04/26/revenant-stove/ It’s very powerful, boils water quickly and I would recommend it. It’s weaknesses for backpacking would be it’s weight, too heavy in a backpack for anything but a day’s outing and it’s much better at boiling on high than adjustable simmer settings. It does simmer, but adjustments tend to be coarse and finicky. As for it’s weight, the three quarter ton Dodge is up to the challenge.

      In cold temps gasoline stoves becomes more challenging to light. There’s a gel paste that you can smear in the burner which heats up the generator and facilitates lighting. I’ve never had or used any. When the stove is chilly, I put a few bits of tinder or a roll of birch bark near the generator – the thin brass tube running across the top of the burner. That has worked for me. Hope this helps.

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