Summer Training Status

It has been a very good training summer with me hitting a few PRs – something almost unheard of for me at my advanced age!  Though 2015 was a good year, 2016 has so much better!

Good times.  I’ve just hit a few snags though. I reinjured my right lat last weekend, way up top in the armpit.  It’s an old injury from the mid-nineties when I turned black and blue from my elbow to my waist.  Who gets injured on the very first warmup set of shrug bar deadlifts?  Old men apparently! After preliminaries I’d hoped for 235X20 with quarry chain which would have made the weight an actual c.245 bottom to 315 top. With my battle-scarred back and bulging discs I would have been pretty happy with that.

Yesterday, another minor pull this time in my left glute while doing front squats with chains. I’d just come from improved numbers on the Atlantis leg press then, as Brian describes pull/tears, “ZING!”

In truth I think I’m perhaps on the verge of overtraining. I’ve had a good stretch since early April but am scheduling the last two weeks of August off. Hopefully I can stay healthy enough to make good on this last cycle of creatine I’m just starting after being off for about a month.

As a final touch on some chest training meso-cycles I sometimes do a couple sets of 20-25 of chain flies:


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