Up The Ravine

Where did my guys go?S6301111Couldn’t go far, ’cause I had ’em collared, harnessed and attached to the horse girth around my waist.  Ty was so elderly at this point that I walked him on a Flexi-lunge which is a retractable line made for lunging horses.  It’s far sturdier than a dog line and it was also clipped to the girth around my waist.  The only week link was the clip was not a bull snap.S6301086Beneath icicles, Ty explored a boulder field.S6301091Mak, as usual, followed every scent. This boy should really be loose and hunting… anything! If we didn’t all live on top of one another, I’d love to put a GPS on him and let him rip!S6301095We’re currently in the blazing days of summer. Yesterday, Mak and I swam the lake as each season has it’s attraction.  But as the Starks of Game of Thrones say, “Winter is coming” and soon we’ll be exploring cold forests again!  🙂

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