The Search Continues…

04 (2)Well, it’s been about four months of obsessive continual searching, calling, emailing and traveling to visit dogs.  I’ve had a few very nice contacts from well-meaning, helpful people as well as hate mail from dysfunctional assholes.  Ah well, such is the human race!

Lori says I’m as eager to find a dog as a woman to have a child. She teases me that my biological clock is ticking.

There was a big adoption event today and I was invited to go.  But before leaving Mak alone all day and driving hundreds of miles, I figured why not scroll through every participating shelter/rescue and see who they’ve got?  Nothing.  Well, one Dutch Shepherd with cryptically little information provided.  It would seem some “rescues” compete to provide as little info as possible.  I’ve found “rescues” who have ZERO interest in who I am as a person.  That’s just fuckin’ weird!  It’s opposite from the way I was when I was placing dogs.  These people claim they’re “too busy” to talk on the phone.  Really?  You take in dogs and can’t talk to prospective adopters?  …We used to call those people “collectors.”

I was very close to driving into the city again.  I’ve got my eye on a dog who’s appearance and conformation are quite appealing and unique but he isn’t what I’ve been looking for and could never be a cold weather dog.  That’s when I started thinking about having 3 dogs.  But I have in the past and it wore me down.  It was easier to have 5 with my ex than 3 alone.

Talking to Lori brought me to my senses.  I still may go at some point and am monitoring the big city facility multiple times per day, but for today, I’m staying local.  Cold weather, protective companion, Mak girlfriend, where are you?

So far she’s proven impossible to find: large 85-110 pound (people always over estimate their dog’s weight!) thick-furred, female protective dog.  You’d think without preference for age, color, even gender if need be, there would be tons of them.  Nope.  Crickets.gdtc05


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