Dog Rescue – As Car Shopping

Below is how many dog “rescue” web sites would look if they rehomed cars.  If this angers you, smashing the mirror won’t change your appearance!  🙂

Ignorance Car Rescue – Our Hearts Are In Our Cars!

With so many cars available today it would be morally wrong to shop at a dealer!

Please, never, ever purchase a car from a backyard mechanic.  Such cars are often unsafe and unreliable.  Backyard mechanics are terrible for cars.

Why not use one of our wonderful cars to transport your family?  Fill out all application and financing forms including social security, tax i.d., employment history and phone numbers and someone will contact you.

Please note: we are far too busy with all our beautiful cars and the many applicants to take personal phone calls.

All our cars are installed with governors in the motor to prevent you from speeding and to keep you safe.  They are 100% rescued from southern car mills and backyard mechanics.  You must have a garage to rescue from us. Your property will be evaluated and judged prior to your taking possession of the vehicle.

Our available cars:

Wonderful car, runs great. Can’t you see yourself in this?  A real cream puff.used-cars

If you’ve got work to do, our truck is just what you need! Big, strong, powerful. Runs great.peninsular-auto-used-truck-gmc.jpg

Pack the PB&J!  Your little ones will love this!  Runs great.Chevy-Wagon

Once you have filled out all financing and application forms, we’ll have the car delivered from our lot down south and you’ll be charged a modest, additional, transportation donation.  We will then tell you where you can pick up your wonderful new vehicle.


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