In Body & Spirit

Diane’s forgotten more than I’ll ever know about dogs so I trust her judgement 110%. She’s had some of the very finest. She demands dogs not only have sound conformation, they’ve got to have correct presence of mind.  It can be challenging to provide enough exercise for such a dog and one of the best ways is to have the dog pull a person on a bicycle.

Grip, one of her dogs, was pulling her this way when the bike’s front wheel became caught in the gap of a railroad track crossing.  Diane fell and was lying on the road with the bike.  An anchor over six feet tall and weighing 200 lbs., Diane couldn’t stop Grip who continued to drag her and the bike down the street.  Grip was, in fact, a silver medalist in national weight pull competition.

Grip wasn’t just strong; she had the fire so lacking in family pet dogs.  On one occasion she was beset by both a pit and a Cane Corso.  She sent them both running, in the process lopping two toes off the other pit’s foot. She was 13 years old at the time. That’s a dog in body and spirit!  Grip in her prime:Boldog Grip

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