Huggin’ Rotties

Not long ago I posted about my brainless moment hugging a strange Rottie.  Huge faux pas.  It’s a behavior that goes way back (c. 1991), apparently.  Here’s a shot of me hugging my first wife’s pooch.  No risk that time, he and I were pals… until the marriage went south then he sided with my ex. His shift was appropriate. I was the “good guy” in the situation, of course 🙂 , but he was doing what a protective dog should do: zero in on how human partner (my ex) is feeling and back that up no matter what!  It felt like betrayal to me then but he was being a good boy!

Though you can’t see it here, this dog was 83 chiseled pounds, lean like a pit bull because my bodybuilder ex wife walked and swam him daily.  She was losing dog shows because of his jacked appearance (can you believe that shit?) and they told her she had to fatten him up.  Brainless.  He never looked as good later.  The way 99% of people keep their dogs, he’d’ve been minimum ten pounds heavier.SCAN0436 (3)

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