My “Meth Lab” Days :)

This is how I looked the morning federal law enforcement “came knocking” at my campsite in response to a report that I, “someone,” was “setting up a meth lab” at the end of the remote road I was on.  The officer was a huge guy and, in retrospect, not very friendly.  At first I didn’t notice because I had connections in law enforcement and was always very kindly disposed towards officers.  He told me someone had driven by early in the morning and reported me.  (I’d been sleeping, as I was still working a night schedule in those days.)  I started laughing and showed him the things that had triggered suspicion.  He started laughing too and we ended up talking about our alma mater, similar courses of study and how our pasts shared many areas of overlap.  It remains one of my fondest memories of a campsite visit.S7302182

2 thoughts on “My “Meth Lab” Days :)

  1. What were the things that trigger d suspicion? Reminds me of the series, Breaking Bad. High school teacher gets Cancer and cooks crystal meth to get money for his treatments. Awesome series. 😏

    1. 5 gal. porta potty, 5 gal. bucket for camp kitchen stuff, 5 gal jerry can for drinking water, a couple laundry detergent bottles I fill with water to douse fires when I’m nowhere near a water source. The snooper also said he saw “hoses” but we never figured out what he meant by that.

      Just goes to show how even in the remotest corners privacy is suspect. 😦 See why I want a protective dog to warn me when someone’s around? That’s just one of a slew of stories I could list off… I don’t mention them on the blog but I’ve got many. You never know whom you’ll run into out there!

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