Akita Day!

I had the good fortune of spending a considerable chunk of today with a beautiful Akita and her wonderful mom! Some of my savvy dog friends as well as an Akita rescue have suggested I get real in-the-trenches experience with a full Akita rather than a mix like Cap’n Jack was. In fact, the plan was for me to bring this dog home as a new pack member.  Here she rides in the back of a Mini Cooper, the seat folded down, her ass in the trunk and front paws behind mommy.IMG_4558I’d been on the fence about it for more than a week because I could feel the deep love the woman and her family felt for the dog. Saving a dog from a cage of loneliness or death is one thing, taking one from a loving home quite another. The happy ending of the story is that we’ve likely worked out a way she can keep her beloved family member and keep me in reserve in case she needs a bailout – even if just a temporary one.

I’d made careful plans as to how to keep the Akita and my dog apart and safe. In fact, fitting her with one of the muzzles I’d brought was one of our first activities. I’ve had multiple edgy pits in my home and always enjoyed the challenge. There’s nothing more satisfying than when you can finally release the chains, put the muzzles away and everyone plays, walks then snoozes together.

If my trip helped enable them to stay together, it was a success!  🙂

The search continues…

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