Bone Cone Recovery

Mak wearing his Elizabethan collar. He’s worn it since surgery five days ago and, I’m sure, is super eager to be rid of it for once and for all. I’m a very close second in that desire. The cone sucks.  He’s forever crashing into stuff and, give his driven self, when the cone catches on something and impedes his movement he just drives ahead and knocks over whatever has stopped his progress.  When the object is immovable the cone bends.  In the photo you can see all the white crescent marks where the cone as been bent beyond it’s tolerance.

Though memory is often unreliable, years ago when Jonesy wore one, I don’t think it was for nearly as long.  His was flimsier too and he didn’t have the bull-in-the-china-shop drive of Mak.

The only time Mak is free of it is when we go out to pee.  But he’s gotten very restless being this sedentary. The other day, when I arrived home, he was so excited he crashed all over the place and consequently popped a stitch in his scrotum.  When excited he can be impossible to calm so I’ve learned to go in the yard and check for bunnies before taking him out.

Mak’s castration suture line isn’t as neat and tightly closed as I’d like.  For days it looked on the verge of being infected.  Several times per day I soaked the dried serum that had oozed with a peroxide soaked cotton ball then smeared the suture line with Bacitracin.

Other than the stitch that popped loose, it’s finally starting to look better.  His right eye still mucks up considerably as the eyelid heals, but his carnassial root abscess seems to be slowly receding.  (He’s on another 2 weeks of antibiotic).

Mak’s surgery has prevented swimming of course, but in another couple weeks we’ll be churning up the pond.


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