Banana Dogs

man&dog&bananaTy used to absolutely love bananas.  I was so sad when he stopped being able to eat them.  I think the sugar from them hurt his teeth in his late elderly years.  But it was fun while it lasted.  No matter how quiet I would peel a banana, even with him sleeping on the other side of the house, by the time I’d pulled down the first strip, he’d be sitting at attention behind me, tail thumping the kitchen floor.

I could launch banana chunks across the living room and he’d snatch them out of the air.  I know I’ve got photos but for the life of me, can’t find them.

All that to say, this video felt so familiar! But what makes this sequence unique is the very short distance between the dog and man which dramatically cuts down the available reaction time for the dog.  The banana chunk bounces off the dog’s nose first, then the little Boston snatches it from the air.  Priceless!



One thought on “Banana Dogs

  1. When we were kids, our parents used to talk a made up language they called “Turkey Talk.” It was kind of like Pig Latin., You added an “ab” sound before each vowel, so that, for example, “turkey” became “taburkaby”. One of our most favorite words was banana, which became “babanabanaba.” Abit wabas labats abof fabun tabo tabalk.

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