I Miss You Ty!

He was the closest living being to me for well over a decade.IM000035 (2)

In many ways Ty was a perfect dog. He had a tinge of “guard dog” to him in that he would bark at delivery guys, at sounds if we were in a hotel. He was playful and loving to all pups and willing to befriend any dog who would play. He never, ever showed submission or backed away from another dog… He loved me dearly and slept in my bed every single night. We swam the pond almost daily in summer for ten plus years.  He went on countless adventures and journeys to the North Woods and the Atlantic.  Despite his short single coat fur he was game for all weather, all seasons, day or night. I miss you more than you I could ever say, Ty!  I will never see or hold you again, but I love you now and forever.S6304400

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