Fool In A Trilby

I read somewhere that in movies only idiots and jerks wear trilbies.  You know what I say?  If the shoe fits…  🙂

While primitive camping – Doodles and I with me showing the bad fashion sense to sport a trilby.  (It’s actually quite rain impervious.)S7301592

15 thoughts on “Fool In A Trilby

  1. Is it weird that I like how you dress? Cool hat, Life Is Good shirt, camo jackets, shirts with the sleeves cut off. . I have an entry I need to post about the time I was wearing a Life Is Good shirt, the one with the girl hugging her horse, and a man walked by and thought it said “Life Is Goat”. Yes yes. Life IS goat!

    1. As relates to the fashion comment, if one just viewed the blog there would be no way to know my preferred clothing style because the photos are mostly me in the gym or out in nature. But at Heroes ‘N Pirates we take these little contretemps in stride. 🙂

      I’m enjoying my goat and I hope you are enjoying yours as well!

      1. Jennlives, you have now become my most prolific commenter! 🙂 Thanks so much for continuing to read and share your thoughts. …Now, here goes, “Tip toe thrrrrough the tulips…

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