Big Day

My boy is having surgery today. He’s ten and that’s no spring chicken. I’m anxious about it and also about having to walk away from him in the vet’s office. He’ll be very upset when I leave him behind. In hopes of calming him, leaving a T-shirt with my scent on it. He gets singificant separation anxiety in such situations because we are so dependent on one another for love and companionship.  He’s the only other being who is physically in my life.

His separation anxiety was evident the first day I took him from the pound.  I left him attached in my ex’s living room, went in the kitchen and he became very upset.  The very first day!  I couldn’t believe a dog could bond in a couple hours.  I had a hard time agreeing with my wife, “No,” I said, “It’s just because I’m the only connection he has with where he just came from.  His last familiar place.”  But she was right; I was wrong.

I’ll feel so much better when I pick him up this afternoon! He’s got no idea what’s coming, but is wondering why he hasn’t gotten his breakfast yet.

He’s having a carnassial root abscess addressed, a small impacted tear duct snipped and, since he’ll be under, I’m having him neutered to facilitate the process of taking in a new member of the pack. I would never put him under at this age if it wasn’t for the abscess. But since that could blind him in one eye, or ultimately kill him if left untreated, this is not optional. Wish him luck!IMG_5266 (2)

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