More Off-Road, Anyone There?

Discovered another overgrown cart road… As is clear from my posts, I love doing this and am always seeking other experienced off-roaders to share adventures, swap trail info, bring dogs together, build fires and cook food.  There’s nothing like having two vehicles in case of breakdowns or for mud hole recoveries.  Anyone out there?IMG_4297Mak gets a big smoocheroo on his noggin.  June 2016.IMG_4317

9 thoughts on “More Off-Road, Anyone There?

      1. We had talked about the dunes before and I took a ton of photos from my last two recent trips to the state park. I’ll have to email you a few. It’s beautiful there. It seems like I venture off to the spots that no one else wants to explore.. I hope that you are well.

      2. The spots no one else wants to explore have long been my favorites too! Often they’re spots of overlooked beauty and quiet tranquility. Thank you I hope you are well also.

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