Rokita Where Are You?

Yes, I’m still open to a variety of breeds.  In fact I  put in a call to a Central Asian Ovcharka breeder but never heard back.  I refuse to hump someone’s leg for attention.

When I was doing rescue I eagerly talked to anyone who was interested in my dogs.  I’d at least want to find out if the person was a quality respondent.  When the rare one came along, I could “talk shop” for hours!  Some places that now call themselves “rescues” require you to fill out an application just to ask a single solitary question.

I’ve focused my search a bit.  Mikki and Julie Collins write great things about their Malamutes.  They’re big, ranging upwards of one hundred pounds.  And some malamutes can by very protective.  I’ll warn you that this video might be disturbing to watch.  I felt badly for the polar bear. If you’re sensitive, you might want to skip it.

But… no large head on Malamutes.  The three breeds that most consistently come up in my mind – breeds that blend the size and qualities I seek are Akitas, Rottweilers and German Shepherds.  I’ve seen some very nice Akita/Shepherd mixes but Shepherds have narrow heads.  The most consistent lookers are the Rokitas.  Unless otherwise noted all still photos in this post are of Rokitas.rokitaThey all look different but just about every individual I’ve seen is a dog I’d be interested in.  They turned up on Google images NOT on rescue sights.

StaffbullAkita Cross
StaffbullAkita Cross

One of my connections recently asked me to foster a hound. I said,
“Hound?  A cold weather dog?”  She said,
“Well, it’s just a foster, not permanent… and the cold is gone now.”
She should have seen Mak shivering while wearing TWO coats just that past Sunday! I finally had to move him from the tailgate to inside the truck cab.  Nope. I’ve got my hot weather dog, bring on the Rokitas, I’ll foster or adopt ’em all day long! 🙂  If anyone knows where I can find such a dog, please contact me!AkitacrossElvis-Rokita5 akita-cross-rottweiler-51ea98bb8243f rokita4

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