Good Bye Dear Riley!

The year was 2003 and I was very excited to meet this tiny, loveable ball of fur!IM007081  He belonged to a very close friend, a sister really, and he loved coming to visit. Though Ty was pretty dog aggressive, he was always paternal with pups. Riley kicked his ass over and over!IM007184 See? …all bushed after trouncing Doodles.IM007218 As he grew, his milk teeth began to pop out when he and Ty horsed around.  I later found a whole collection of them while vacuuming the floor.

At a couple months Riley and Ty invaded poor Jonesy’s space.IM007417 (2)Hiking spring, 2003, Riley already began to approach his adult looks.IM007698Three amigos.  Riley on top. 2003IM008279 (2) Camping, 2003.  Riley, at right, and Jonesy, in summer coiffure, didn’t need much to feel comfy.IM008303 Ty and Riley never stopped. 2003.IM008298After four years of not seeing each other, they picked up right where they’d let off.  Riley was ecstatic to see his “ol’ uncle.” 2007S6302470 (2)S6302471 (2)And we were just as happy to see each other! S6302492 (2)In winter Riley would become quite a wooly bear.  2008S6300995 (2)Ty was always best at “Tippy Toes.” Riley, at left, looked on in envy.  2008DSCN0286 (2)The 2011 holidays was a very difficult time for both myself and Riley’s mom.  Still, we made the best of it and shared some happy times. Riley helped get us there.S6302563He was with his mom every step of the way. Jonesy was long gone by then but we were able to muster enough black pooches to create the Black Dog Squad on New Year’s Eve.S6302641 Riley and I always “had a thing.”  2012S6302710One of the last photos of us together.  March, 2015DSCN3186cropHe passed over the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago.  When you get there, if you’d like to meet him, sing out, “Rrrrrrriley, Rrrrrriley, Rrrrrrriley Man!” and he’ll come running. Promise.

We had a great run didn’t we?  R.I.P. old friend; we miss you so much!

6 thoughts on “Good Bye Dear Riley!

  1. That was a wonderful tribute. Riley always loved you so much. He loved spending time with his Uncle and bro’s (you and your dogs). You two had a special bond. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. We really appreciated reading this as we are still pretty raw and sad. You have such a way with words and take great photos. So many great memories to warm our hearts.

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