I was still a neophyte at dealing with rain. This was one of the first times, while truck camping, dealing with a predicted heavy downpour.  August, 2007.  (Prior to ’01, camping was always on foot or by canoe but my lower leg developed pitting edema on my last backpacking trip. From ’01-’06, I’d shoehorn a passenger car down the roughest roads I could.)S7300925Now rain camping is one of my favorite things.  May, 2016.IMG_3685

4 thoughts on “Progression

      1. That’s not very nice! I don’t think you’re a weirdo or anything else like that…In fact as I’m on a weeks holiday from work I am standing outside the railway station in the torrential rain with thunderstorms forecast contemplating where I can take off to for the day! That probably makes me stark raving bonkers lol Seems OK to me though if I’m not actually out in it turning into a drowned rat!

      2. Well, he didn’t say it due to my camping in the rain. He was referring to my pulling quarry chain as part of my conditioning program. He has a great sense of humor and is a valued and loyal reader. I appreciate all his comments. I appreciate yours too!

        Sounds like you were in a good moment when you wrote your comment. Time off is always better than time committed to something we’d rather not be doing. I hope you found a fulfilling way to spend it! 🙂

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