The Little Mitts

High rep dumbbell reverse wrist curls, more appropriately called wrist extensions, are part of attention to detail. Forearms are such a small body part but vital in the expression of strength. Despite the small size of my hands, I never lost a dead due to grip. Grip is also vital in personal physical combat. Wrestlers used to say, “control the wrist and you control the person.” Besides how else could you swing an axe or a yard of steel but for vice-like and tireless grip?IMG_2955

6 thoughts on “The Little Mitts

      1. Lol 😀 You were dealt exactly the right size of everything that was right for you. When we learn how to utilise what we have been given to its full potential then we realise there’s no short comings for us. It’s just about tapping into the right areas ☺

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