Revenant Stove

It was the late Seventies and we were on a tall riverbank near the Canadian border cooking dinner.  The stove was a  single burner Coleman.  Suddenly it flared into a fireball and the person cooking cupped it in his hands and launched it off the bluff into the river.  It was a close call.  The cook said it had been leaking for a while and that “you can nurse them along for a while but eventually you just have to replace them.”

That stuck with me.  So when my similar Coleman Peak1 stove similarly flared, I eventually chucked it.  I then had no stove until a wonderful person bought me the dual fuel stove that I currently use.  In the last couple years though the warning signs started: flares between the pan and the tank.  It was getting worse and when I camped in the rain a few weeks back, I noticed the entire top of the tank was wet with fuel.IMG_2159Yikes!  I shut it down.  I had to wait for the stove to cool before draining the fuel:IMG_2161I hated to chuck the stove though, because in all other respects it was perfect.  I thought surely there must be a fix and Googled a gasket replacement kit.  I found repair kits for other problems none of which I’d ever heard of.  But then I found this link.  I’d thought it was leaking from the top of the tank but realized it had been coming from the thread to the generator.  I followed the sage advice to the letter and it worked flawlessly!

The “old” stove has new life and, as in the post-op photo below (April 2016), will continue to provide service in the field for years to come.IMG_2585



4 thoughts on “Revenant Stove

    1. Loose cap also makes a difference. It started giving fumes again during one of it’s later runs. I tightened the cap very firmly and that helped. Might have to replace it too soon. I noticed it’s one of the replacement components offered. We’ll see.

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