Hair of the Iron Dog

Yesterday I cardio-boxed 36:40.  Today was deadlifts and assistance work.  Keeping rickety, aching shoulders in line with a bit of Friday night training.  High-rep deadlifts separate posers from the genuine.IMG_2879cropI prefer chin-ups but pulldowns are gentler on my broken body.  In my twenties and thirties I routinely did 345X2X10 for pulldowns.  It was a 300lbs. weight stack; I added an extra pin and hung a 45 lbs. plate onto the pile.IMG_2902 Pathetic weight but at least I’m pullin’ ’em.IMG_2916cropI’ll be 53 this year and am nowhere near where I should be at such a young age.  Who’d’ve thunk my body would betray me in my forties?  I don’t accept my body’s excuses so I hammer what’s left.  I’m a driven mind mounted on piss poor genetics.

Still, felt good: a bit of battle and music to fire the soul and block out crepitus.  No fear:

2 thoughts on “Hair of the Iron Dog

  1. First of all glad to see your still dead lifting .I was thinking come to the quarry and try plug drilling and swinging a 10 lb sledgehammer at wedges 9.5 hours each day. It may straiten that broken body out.I’ve been doing it for a long time, it’s a great warm up. HA HA

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