Perfect Silence

It was a long trek on a snowmobile trail to a place I hadn’t been since I had the Tacoma.IMG_2336Mak had never seen the place but as I climbed from the truck to snap this shot, he eagerly took the wheel.IMG_2348And voila!IMG_2353Just as beautiful and remote as I’d remembered it, definitely worth the miles of rocks and mud holes.  It was quite cold, wind ripping across the pond.  But other than wind, it was perfectly silent.  No one, just me. IMG_2355I wandered around snapping photos. Can we stop over-multiplying and keep more of the world this way?IMG_2400 I climbed back into the warmth to watch the wave-reflected sunlight dance on the ceiling of the truck, and snuggle with Mak who was snoozing in his Pacman snuggie.IMG_2398

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