Rare Treat!

This past weekend I spent time re-installing the heavy bag hanger.  After I returned from the new house and shoulder symptoms being what they were, I never bothered to put it back up.  Heavy bag work is verboten with my stage of arthritis… oh, okay just this once… mmmaybe just this once.  Its been literally years so I went a very easy stretch both regular and southpaw stance.  And I used the ridiculously light “head hunter” bag.  It was so light I had to anchor the bottom.  Maybe next time – the 100 lbs. water bag.IMG_2490
And you know, sweat pouring, “sitting” into punches and cranking the punk, I really felt like this is the place I belong.  Turn it up; it’ll put sting on your punches!

These days when I work the double end bags I never wrap wrists.  The gloves have enough wrist support built in.  Not having wrists wrapped enables me to move easily from station to station.  The rowing station is a drag with wrapped hands.  But you really shouldn’t hit anything without wrapping, too easy to break all those delicate bones.  But I miss the meditative ritual hand-wrapping.IMG_2515

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