“Driving North”

All the GPS gave me for info was: “Driving North.”  That and my speed: 5.9 miles per hour at this particular second – must have been a very smooth stretch of trail right then. The raven on the screen (that’s me) is flying over blank gray. That, folks, is a good sign that you’ve have gotten yourself in a remote spot.IMG_2226It was colder up there. Bodies of water were still frozen from the previous night.IMG_2236There were plenty of mud holes skimmed with ice to scout before driving through.IMG_2251aIt’s one of the remotest corners in the state, remote enough that when some hapless person broke down, they lit a fire to keep warm.IMG_2245The truck looked long abandoned, so with 33″ mud tires, I drove off the trail around it. Which enabled me to continue on and choose a spot for my own fire around which to relax… armed with a blade (and bear spray) of course!  🙂IMG_2288a (2)

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