“Being There” Kept Me Here

I’m all packed to camp. Instead of typing this, I should be on the word processor in front of a campfire in the woods. But yesterday, as I just finished assembling gear by the door, the phone rang. The guy who called is pretty independent and never “reaches out” in need… until yesterday. A few days ago, he’d gone to his girlfriend’s place and found her dead. Pfft! I mothballed the trip without a thought.

“Being there” for those I care about is a paramount priority for Heroes ‘N Pirates. I’m almost never “needed” by anyone. When I am, I’m there. I’ve been through hell (read early posts), if I can help a friend in theirs, there’s nothing I’d rather do.

I’ll call this morning and offer to spend time with him in person but face to face is not as important to him as it is to me, so I doubt he’ll accept.  Then, when this cup of coffee is empty, I’ll be hauling stuff into the truck… and hauling my ass into the woods.IMG_0301a

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