Canoe Dog

Ty appreciates the remote lake – empty of noisy humans!DSCN0936But after hours of paddling, he begins to snooze in the warm sun and gently rocking boat.DSCN0994Finally, exploring aquatic byways rouses him back to attention. One never knows when a squirrel might pop up.DSCN1008

2 thoughts on “Canoe Dog

    1. I don’t have all that much experience taking dogs in boats since I never did so with most pound dogs I took under my wing. As for Jonesy, the retriever, he was a bit of a pain in the beginning. If you sit down while walking to, say, look at something with binoculars, does your dog whine and get impatient to keep going? Well, that’s the way Jonesy was at first. He also would go from side to side and tip the canoe which required me to move my compensating bodyweight around. But over time, he learned the expectation and was able to relax.

      Ty took to it without a fuss quicker than Jonesy did. Mak is more like Jonesy was but not as severe. But Mak hated our last kayak trip because he wants to face me instead of looking forwards; and facing me interferes with paddling. He’s much better in the canoe. As for Backstir, I’ll have to let you know!

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