In the old days I hiked considerably more.  But have you noticed my legs? They look like damn paretheses.  Thirteen years ago an orthopedic surgeon who’d worked on one of my knees told me it would have to be replaced in ten to fifteen years. If I was a horse, I’d take me into the back pasture and shoot me.

In better shape I’d be SO much more active, but I try to deal with the hand life has dealt me and that’s where 4WD comes in. Some of the best money I ever spent was on proper tires. Having had the whole truck slide sideways on a hill almost into a tree because of the terrible Firestone Transforce tires that came with the truck, I know decent mud tires make all the difference.IMG_1953With them I can haul myself and dog(s) along with equipment and food for a week+ in places like this.IMG_2056

2 thoughts on “Access

    1. I’ve never focused on fronts, just as off-season variation between competitions or, these days, for a warm-down. Wide stance: ouch on the hips! Worst ever for knees: sumo deads. Baaaad idea. Paid the price for those! When you’re as broken as me, you find the least of the evils. It’s a bit of exploration, trial & error. Punk rock though, that’s not trial and error!

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