Night Off-Road

When we (Mak & I) left pavement a sign had read “Dead End.” Just a little way further we found this. At first I thought it was a makeshift barricade thrown up by a landowner but upon inspection I realized these big yellow birch logs were sections of a trunk that had come down in the wind.  Given the height from which they fell, any vehicle’s occupants passing below would have had Xs for eyes. Drove over/around them, they were too big to move easily.IMG_1753Spring, even following a winter with little snow, makes for mud holes best scouted, particularly when you it’s just you and the pooch, no electric winch, no cell reception, and it’s late night. This is why, even when you bring home as little treasure from raids as I recently have, you part with doubloons for mud tires.IMG_1751After a couple such mud pits we turned off the “highway” and followed a snowmobile trail down into a ravine.  It hadn’t been driven by anyone in some time. What looks like tire tracks are small run-0ff brooks likely eroded into an earlier traveler’s passage. The ground was fairly steep and quite soft.IMG_1758As we descended I looked for reasonable spots to stop or turn. Without too much work I was able to cut myself into this spot.IMG_1764There was heavy wind, and rain was in the forecast. But when I tried to set up the tarp, wind wasn’t much help. You can see it knocked over the folding chair I’d stood up.IMG_1769All were auspicious signs that the next days would bring fulfillment!  March, 2016.

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