Prep with the RTAK 7

It had rained for a day and a night.  Everything was damp.  I’d brought the RTAK which though costly, I’d purchased some years ago on closeout.  I think it might have been close to $90 and now I know better.  It’s one of my least favorite knives.  Using an angle grinder, I had to thin the handle considerably to fit my small, thick hand.  They make ’em for huge hands with really long fingers.

In any case, I used it for my prep work.  Here I batoned kindling.S7300550I also don’t like the knife’s balance. All the weight is in the ponderous handle. It would make a terrible chopper. My way-cheaper knives are far more functional. But it did the trick at least for kindling as evidenced in the shot below. For the bigger stuff the hatchet on the tailgate played the vital role. Would not have wanted to split that stuff with the RTAK!S7300556

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