And I’m Also Available for Consulting…

Let’s face it, contemporary life is utterly dependent on computers. So when they aren’t quite up to snuff, we feel it. Fortunately, much computer service work is accessible to the average person with minimal tools.IMG_1706Smooth operation is contingent on fine circuitry that sometimes needs to be “spruced up.”IMG_1707Even printed circuits get the blues so they should be checked to ensure their connections are tight.IMG_1711For example, this one had play and needed to be recalibrated.IMG_1712For those of us with more technical savvy, “techies” if you will, even individual components can be evaluated.IMG_1714See? Found loose wires.IMG_1715One of the really cool things about the workings of a computer is, like wild animals in nature, colors are not just decorative. Bright colors can be a warning. I got the message loud and clear: Malfunction!IMG_1716Floppy drive!? Wow, don’t need that.IMG_1718Lastly, I needed to spot check the hard drive. And this is where some homeowners might need to make a small equipment purchase. But not to worry. At a modest price, Lowe’s carries the very same 6′ San Angelo bar used here.IMG_1725And it was this same San Angelo bar that finally enabled me to isolate the problem… the hard drive appeared to be scripted in brail!IMG_1736

Ahh… who am I kidding. This high tech stuff’s not for me. I’m better off batoning firewood or boiling the neighbors.

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