Nothing can match the feeling of regaining strength, watching poundage and plates on the barbell increase… even if it’s ground you’ve conquered long ago and you’re a broken of ol’ sack like myself!  Training in jungle boots some time ago – and between beach walks. Hauling up very light re-intro shrugs in Lori’s gym.IMG_0766

2 thoughts on “Go!

  1. Don’t bother on how your traps look . I want to hear about the heavy squats and deadlifts. maybe you can have your little toy stuffed dog help you with the plates. Oh man . Never heard of a pirate with a stuffed toy.

    1. Heavy squats and deadlifts? What’re those? You’ve got to train to have those. Those shrugs were after deadlifts so light you’d’ve fallen out of your chair if you’d seen ’em. My training’s been too spotty recently, as noted in various posts, so I post what I can.

      You pickin’ on my dog!? Well, pariahs like me take friends where we can find ’em! 🙂

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