Smoke, Metal and Wood

I was concerned about the sun I’d been getting but the day dawn overcast and cool. Perfect. I could continue with the chore (fun one!) I’d been tackling.IMG_1034cropI was still swinging the True Temper axe I mentioned in a previous post.  So far it held up.IMG_1036cropAs I’ve mentioned, I used an angle grinder to rework the blade geometry. Here’s a closeup of the thinned edge.IMG_1039This is soft jack pine but check out the bite.  This is how far I’ve gotten in one stroke of about 75% effort. I’m holding the limb for perspective.IMG_1048Like I’ve said, until I try splitting or chopping dry oak, the jury is out on how solid this handle is. I hope it lasts because I’m pleased so far.

I surrounded the burn pile with wet logs not only to dry them but to contain sparks and embers.  The forest was dry and given the wind, I was surprised burning was allowed.IMG_1060

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