The Mountain Sugar House

While chasing down trails and bushwhacking Ty, Jonesy and I came across this abandoned sugar house (where maple syrup was once made).IM003397‘Course we weren’t going to just peek in from the outside.IM003377Even though the maple syrup producing equipment was decidedly past its prime…IM003386Ty assured me the fuel wood was as ready to go as the day it had been brought in.IM003378Well, that assessment garnished him a hug.IM003396Meanwhile Jonesy had found one of his favorite things to chew, a big nasty chunk of burnt wood.IM003384Doodles and I sat for a bit and let Jonesy enjoy his quickly blackening mouth.IM003383Once he was properly filthy I took him to the mountain stream where he “freshened up.”IM003399For his part, Doodles sat and stared in the distance in that endearing way dogs often do…IM003409 (2)…with a fleck of leaf unknowingly stuck to his lip. Early March, 2002. Late winter good times!

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