Didn’t Wipe The Grin Off My Face

Takes more than a flat tire on the side of the highway to wipe the grin off Heroes ‘N Pirates.  At first I thought the vibrations were coming from the road, as I’d just gotten off the interstate and onto this lesser highway.  But it was too consistent then suddenly the car slumped and I knew…IMG_0615aYou didn’t think that ginormous White Locomotive was my daily driver did you? Nah, I’m way to environmentally conscious for that! Trying to reduce carbon emissions. Plus I’m poor. I could never afford to feed that damn thing day in, day out. This little rig gets about 40 mpg.

I was very conscious of how dangerous the situation was.  Cars and trucks were rocketing past me at an easy 75.  To get as far as possible from the vehicles, I pulled the car into the thorns on the passenger side.IMG_0616aIn any event, it wasn’t a teensy nail that did it. HUGE sidewall blowout. Makes me wonder what was vibrating ’cause when this let go, I was instantly sitting on the rim – and noticed.  IMG_0613When changing tires with a rolling jack on my level driveway, and always in a hurry, I’m sometimes cavalier about chocking the wheels. But in this case I realized should the car shift forward, there’d be no way to get the tiny scissor jack back underneath. I poked around and found this perfect wedge someone had cut from a tree.IMG_0610The event brought to mind the father in Christmas Story who, when he blows a tire, asks his wife to time him. My time, including emptying then refilling a full trunk – and with a lock lug nut that required a few extra minutes: c. 23:00.

…All of which shows, I’ll wring out a new blog post before I even arrive anywhere!  Sheesh, is there no depth to which I’ll not stoop?

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