Men & Women from Planet Iron

Here’re two shots of my first wife and the bike I rode for years.  (It was a rocket!)  I’ve smudged her face for privacy. Summer ’91.IMG_0598 (2)On man or woman, there’s nothing better than chiseled abs.  Her best lifts with no special training or periodization were bench 200 (in a T-shirt, no bench shirt, of course!), squat 315X5, dead 330.  She had talent.IMG_0599 (2)Yeah, a long time ago. Now I’m handicapped and old… but still fighting.  Today doing twisting hanging leg raises for the first time on this segment of the mesocycle – in the past I’ve done 25X20.IMG_0581crop

IMG_0580cropAnd here’s the condition of my second wife in her forties… about to take a dip while primitive camping.DSCN1318aHer mid-section.S6300638cropSuperficial?  Skin deep?  Hardly.  This type of condition comes from a dedicated passion for being one’s best.  The only thing “skin deep” was this song from Guns ‘n’ Wankers that I served up at haut volume in the gym.

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