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A woman wrote to me on online dating that she had all the requirements except for the lifting part.  I didn’t say it but thought, “That’s the crux of it, my dear!  That’s THE part.”

On that subject, I’d gotten a bit tired of the limited training choices without access to the leg press and cable machine.  Consequently, yesterday I spent considerable time moving stuff around. I’ve still got a lot of organizing and thinning to do but was glad to change things up a bit. As readers know I’m resuming after prodigious holiday time off followed by a couple of upper respiratory viruses. So weights were embarrassing but it felt great to be in the gym. I’ve gone through one boxing session (of 26 minutes) and the initial 50 % of the strength training mesocycle go ’round.

Standing one-arm cable row –  in Batman pants.  Weights were super light after so much time off; I was just working the motor pattern, getting blood to the area.  (I’d done leg presses, front squats and glute/ham leg curls prior to these photos but didn’t think to have the camera on hand yet.)  Even at full throttle strength, standing one-arm rows are difficult to go real heavy on.  There’s 45 plus the carriage in these photos.  At my highest peak, when I was a rowing 280 X 6-8 on one arm SEATED cable row, I don’t think I ever went higher than 130 on these.

IMG_0535IMG_0534Ever since being diagnosed with 4 bulging discs, hanging rows have become my favorite row movement as they present little shear stress on the discs.  When strong, I’ve banded myself to a weighted bar on the floor for extra resistance.  It always amazes me how the first 15-18 reps feel super easy then suddenly one hits a wall.IMG_0538Trap bar upright pulls.  IMG_0543A far cry from 315X10 but you can see my closest approximation (305X10) on video.

When I first had my biceps reattached, I used as varied a motor unit recruitment patterns as possible to foster balanced strength reacquisition.  Since the equipment was buried for so long, it’s been forever that I’ve loaded this motor unit pattern!IMG_0551 Grip machine: bodyweight + 22lbs. X 20.  Helpful for throttling enemies!  🙂IMG_0556I prefer to train when neighbors are away so I can play what I want at unlimited volume.  Finally they left, but their visitor for the week stayed behind.  There was no way I was going to wait longer and I’m glad I didn’t because she stayed home all day.  Instead, I warmed up the sound system so she could get an appreciation of fine living.  These guys for leg work:

  By the time I was on to back and bi assistance work it was:

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    1. You mean my “blog girlfriend?” 🙂 (I’m waaay too old!) Her name is Yalena Isinbayeva. Check out her images on Google. She’s the record holder in women’s pole vaulting and defines femininity for those of us from Planet Iron!

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