end-relationship-story-topThe last post, Johnny Cash’s, I Guess Things Happen That Way, embodies the sad regrets of a man whose sweetheart has left. Most relationships that end, even the “bad” ones, leave behind at least some warm memories of past good times. But relationships always end for a reason and in the final analysis we’re better off finding a more suitable partner. Recognition of the “wrongness” of a past relationship is a key factor in healing.  No one says it better, or with more panache, than “Ohio’s Finest” GC5:

…And the only thing that holds me here is my patience
So don’t tell me that I’m selfish, don’t tell me you’re abused
Everthing I own, everything I do, all that I’ve been through
Shows me how my ardor is misdirected, my faith in you refused

Outcast, looking for something, someone better than me
I say look at yourself and tell me what you see
Last week you were mincing words with the skill of a priest
Sunday comes and goes and now you swear you’re incomplete

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