4 thoughts on “Beach Walk

    1. Check the Becker 9 for a pirate image.

      Resumed training in February. Gradually ramped up the volume all month only to catch another virus at the Petri dish I call work. Today was first day back. No training, then nothing to post about. I’m far more limited on photos and videos of past training than of dog photos ’cause I only had a few years (8) before arthritis became bad. During that time, I wasn’t aware of what awaited me around the corner or I’d have taken more shots… whereas with dogs and trips, you know right then its “now or never.” I also have a bunch of training stuff on VHS!

      As for lifting belts, you guys use those?! I’d be embarrassed to admit it – so I’ve NEVER had a lifting belt around my waist. 🙂 ‘Round these parts, if heavy weighted sit-ups don’t do enough reinforce the mid-section for megaton lifts, then we’ll rip a salt water crocodile out of the waves and knot the wriggling thing around our waists. That’ll do ya!

      1. As far as the belt is concerned for me,It’s whatever habit Im in at the time I’ve done 700 with a belt and 600×5 , 620×2 in the deadlift without one.Sometimes I’ve used the crocodile Somtimes I don’t So there you have it .

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