Hotel Dog Shenanigans

Ty gives Pepper some advice… Cody is snoozing.S7301423Pepper gets the brindle sandwich… Cody is snoozing.S7301425Ty decides to have his way with Pepper (playful not sexual) and Mak is awful interested… Cody is snoozing.  (Everyone was spayed and neutered, save for Mak.) S7301426Pepper says, “Oh, I can’t believe you’re a man after all!  Sigh!”  …Cody is snoozing.S7301427 Ty and Pepper keep flirting so long that Mak finds more interesting things among Nylabones, tug toys, Frisbees and hotel smells… Cody is snoozing.S7301428Finally Mak decides to find distraction elsewhere but Pepper’s nether region still provides intrigue for Ty… and… Cody is snoozing.S7301429All four got along, though in the beginning Ty and Cody hated each other. We kept them leashed apart for over a year. They eventually acclimated, both were old by then. We then added Pepper, and later added Krikit to the mix who along with Pepper, the two smallest dogs, ruled the roost and ran the show.

A year later, in the new house, Krikit and Mak double team Ty.  Pepper looks for an opening.DSCN1067

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