We’re Here!

After the long ride to the ocean, Ty & Jonesy couldn’t wait to stretch their legs!  It was late in the day as the rosy sky attests but we’d thrown our bags… well, I’d thrown our bags onto the hotel bed, locked the door and immediately drove for the edge of the continent. They were super happy when paws hit the sand.  IM007512Once the initial excitement wore off, Jonesy settled in to running ahead then drifting back to see what was taking us so long, as he was doing below.  Ty, a dedicated beach comber, used his nose to find rotten stuff to scarf ‘n barf.  To his credit, unlike when he ate grass, I can’t recall a single instance of him throwing up something from the beach – and folks?  Despite my yelling through gritted teeth, he ate a lot of weird shit out there.  After a few years of that, I gave up and let him eat much of what he discovered.  I figured it was part of the fun for him.IM007513I miss my two boys tremendously.  “Ty ‘n Jonesy” -it just rolls off the tongue. We were a family who went everywhere and did everything together. (I know I’ve said that before and I bet I’ll say it a few more times!)

For some reason the ocean trips of ’02 and ’03 are standouts.  Maybe it’s because they were the first years of establishing regular runs to the Atlantic.  1999 was the year of the big decision; a short but great trip in its own way.  It was very different and we were somewhere else on the coast.  Didn’t have Ty yet, though.

And 2001, I’d combined the beach with visits to a boxing gym to interview the trainer and some of the fighters.  So that trip we weren’t as close to the ocean.  ’02 and ’03 in particular left an indelible sweet memory that always makes me wish I could go back and relive them.  I’m glad I took photos and kept an audio journal.  It’s the closest I can get to going back, but I’ll cherish and remember those memories to my dying day.

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