Mak: “Bring Spring!”

It’s always apparent; Mak is not a cold weather dog. As I type he’s at the opposite end of the house on his bed by the wood stove. I’m not sure how much awareness he has of seasons but if there’s any in that big noggin of his, he must be eager for more warmth. He seemed to soak  up sun as he gazes across a slowly thawing wetland.IMG_9953

2 thoughts on “Mak: “Bring Spring!”

  1. My girls are totally weird. Sasha, the Rottweiler, spent at least 5 years of her life in the Arizona desert and loves the snow. She’ll run and play without a second thought about the cold. The Australian Cattle Dog that is built to be rugged and has TWO hair coats hates the snow and turns into a grouch if you expect her to go out in it and don’t even think about asking her to play. For three years in a row, I’ve had a problem with her doing her business on the porch because she won’t go out to the yard when there’s snow on the ground.

    Spring will be here before we know it!! I am more than ready!!

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