The Level of Respect I Get

The oft-quoted derisive line from Monty Python & The Holy Grail, “I’ll fart in your general direction!” came to mind when I saw this photo.  Mak had no interest in being in the photo and turned his butt cheeks to me!IMG_9932

4 thoughts on “The Level of Respect I Get

  1. LOL. Dogs are so expressive while having no words. Mine had a certain look that I interpreted as “f-u, Mom.” You’re quote is much politer. 🙂 My dogs might have been real Pirates. (reference back to your last post.)

    1. Remarkable as it may be, I’ve never had an f-u look from Mak. He’s just too sweet. Even when he’s pissing me off in the worst way, hurting my joints with his incredible pulling strength it’s never personal.

      I do him the deep disservice of working for a living so that his energy builds up. Once out the door and hit by all those scents, he can barely keep a thought. He should really be running loose and hunting daily, that’s what he’s built for.

      Oh but I know the f-u look! Zeus, much as he loved me, gave me “the look” and followed it by teeth four times by to showed he meant it. RIP, buddy.

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